LUK Spare Parts in Brazil

Most of the cars which come off a production line globally have a Luk clutch. Being the world’s leading suppliers of clutches, Dual-Mass Flywheels, Self Adjusting Clutch, Power-Steering Pumps, and engine components Luk products ensure the highest quality and durability. Also, they are a compatible replacement for other kinds of clutch plates. If you also look for a genuine Luk clutch plate for your vehicle, contact the experts at Smart Parts Exports, a leading Luk parts exporter.

Smart Parts Exports is a trusted distributor for Luk Clutches which offers a complete range of Luk Clutch Kits, Pro Gold Clutch Kits, and Flywheels to all car owners. We are the industry's most prestigious and trusted clutch kit brand, which delivers Luk spare parts to global customers. Buy LUK genuine Parts from us at the best price.

While installing a Luk Clutch, the buyers can get a replacement set with the same flawless performance that meets exactly the requirement. All the clutch kits of Luk are designed and engineered to perfectly meet the vehicle's unique performance characteristics and are tested and guaranteed to meet critical performance standards. Being the biggest Luk parts Exporter, we cater to unlimited clients.

Range of Luk Genuine Parts

Luk spare parts we have: clutch cable, pivot bushings, fork, fork pivot ball, hydraulic slave, master cylinders. Luk clutch discs are incredibly more durable as compared to any other regular clutch, and they always engage the flywheel smoothly. They also come with a longer duration than clutch discs which are made up of organic materials. These kinds of clutch kits are the best choice for machines that needs smooth, precise movement. moreover, Luk offers the industry's finest technical support online. to know more about Luk spare parts for your vehicle, get in touch with Smart Parts Exports now.

Luk Pro Gold RepSet
In order to upgrade a vehicle aiming to meet the challenges of extreme conditions, you need a clutch kit. Engine, suspension, tire, and gearing modifications need clutch kits that can tolerate a higher clamp load. Luk PRO GOLD comes with a higher performance clutch kit that’s purposefully engineered to manage the torque, heat, and extreme driving conditions without compromising clutch life.

Luk Solid Flywheel
Luk engineers also design the Luk Solid Flywheel Replacement. These kinds of applications consist of Ford Diesel Trucks, Chevrolet Diesel Trucks, And Dodge Diesel Trucks. Designed as bolt-in replacements, Luk Clutch Kit and Solid Flywheel ensure enhanced torque capacity.

Luk conventional Flywheels
Luk conventional flywheels are dynamically balanced with the purpose to reduce vibration and enhance clutch performance. All Luk flywheel components are manufactured and built to original-equipment specifications, consisting of the ring gear and dowel pins. New Luk flywheels are a low-cost alternative that can resurface the actual flywheel.

Luk Dual-mass Flywheels
Luk dual-mass flywheels are useful in absorbing engine vibrations before they get transmitted to the driveline. These units come with an in-built damper designed feature that keeps engine torque spikes away and prevents transmission damage. These are OEM-manufactured flywheels by Luk which is a leading supplier to all automotive manufacturers.

Exporter of LUK Parts in Brazil

Smarts Part Exports take pride in catering to diversified customers and take bulk orders from different customers from all over the world. So browse through our vast online catalog to get completely genuine and efficient Luk spark plugs at your place. We are a LUK Parts exporter from India.

So no more hurdles coming your way to buying Luk Clutch Plate when you can easily shop them at Smart Parts Exports.