CEAT Genuine Tyres Exporter

CEAT Tyres has earned a not-for-profit reputation for its high-quality and durable tyres over the last 90 years. If you're an avid cyclist or car proprietor, CEAT offers an extensive selection of tyres that will meet all your requirements. As the leading manufacturer of tyres in India CEAT has built an impressive international presence during the past few years.

In Smart Parts Exports we enjoy being the sole exporter of CEAT Tyres to Brazil. We are aware of the importance of tyres that are high-quality for the most secure and enjoyable driving experience. Our objective is to always offer our customers only the finest goods and services.

Our range of CEAT Tyres includes options for both cars and bikes. CEAT Bike Tyres come in different sizes and styles to fit a variety of kinds of riding styles and terrains from the renowned Zoom series for daily commuters and up to Vertigo Sportbikes. For cars, we have CEAT Tyres suitable for most car types, such as SUVs, hatchbacks, sedans and more. Milaze X3 as well as SecuraDrive are two of the most popular models from our selection.